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Some Religious Resources for You!

Our religious resources are great for helping you come closer to God and Jesus Christ. We have Bible quizzes, a religious beliefs wiki to help you learn more about the in-depth beliefs of religions, and we have a section that helps you compare different types of religion. If you like our resources for religion, we ask you to share them on social media by clicking on the buttons at the top of each page.

Free Religious Resources

Videos about Jesus

Videos about Jesus

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Free Holy Bible

Holy Bible

Learn about Jesus Christ's birth, life, sacrifice and teachings in Jerusalem and surrounding areas. Get a copy of the Bible for free!

Free Book of Mormon

Book of Mormon

Learn about Jesus Christ's visit to the Americas after His resurrection in Jerusalem. Also learn about the writings of ancient American prophets. Get your free copy!

Free Quran


Want to learn more about Islam and the Muslim religion? Get your own copy for free!

Free Torah

The Torah

In Judaism, the Torah contains the first five books of Moses in the Hebrew scriptures (similar to the Old Testament. Get your own copy for free!

Bible Quizzes

Check out our fun, free Bible Quizzes!

Free Bible Quizzes

Our most popular quizzes:

Bible Trivia

Try our collection of Bible trivia—it's the biggest and best on the internet!


New Bible Trivia Questions (Challenging)

New Bible Trivia For Youth (Easier)

New Bible Trivia For Kids (Easiest)

New Bible Trivia Game!

New Printable Bible Trivia Questions!

Inspirational Videos

For a daily lift, try some inspirational videos

Video of the Week!

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Bible Quotes

Become familiar with the best and most used Bible Quotes on the internet!


Religious Beliefs Wiki

Religious Beliefs Wiki

Have you ever wondered what a particular religion teaches or believes?

For example:

Catholic Beliefs Hinduism Beliefs
Mormon Beliefs Buddhism Beliefs
Baptist Beliefs Jewish Beliefs

Online Bible Study Tools

Need help studying the Bible? Try these great Bible study tools! You can take our Bible quizzes or get a daily dose of the scriptures with the Bible Verse of the Day tool. If one verse just isn't enough, you can use our Bible reader tools to read any Bible passage you would like.

Bible Quizzes Online Bible Quizzes Bible Verse of the Day Bible Reader Online Bible Reader Online Bible Study Tool Study the Bible Online!

Different Religions

Study different types of religion

Come and study different religions with us! We have information about many major religious sects, and are constantly looking for ways to expand our database!

Compare Religions

Compare different types of religion

Would you like to see the differences between the beliefs of major religious sects? We've compiled the beliefs of many religions so that you can see what others believe.

"Finding Faith in Christ" (DVD)

Finding Faith in Christ

Discover what it means to have faith in Jesus Christ. Order this DVD for free!

"The Restoration" (DVD)

The Restoration

Learn about how the church Jesus Christ founded on earth was restored to the earth by watching this free DVD.

Christian Beliefs

Learn more about the in-depth beliefs of Christian religions.

A God Life Afraid of Death and God American Family Values An Eternal Family
Apostles Baptism Believe Bible
Book of Mormon Comfort Covenant Marriage Creation
Death Doctrine Eternal Marriage Faith
False Prophets Family Home Evening Family Values Find a Church
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Heavenly Father Holy Spirit Holy Trinity How Many Angels Left Heaven with Satan?
How to Develop MountainMoving Faith How to Pray Humble Infant Baptism
Is there Really a God? Jesus Jesus and Absolute Truth Jesus' Apostles
Jesus' Miracles Jesus' Resurrection Jesus, the Good Shepherd Joseph Smith
Judgment Lamb of God Marriage Meaning of Life
Miracles Oldest Religion Omnipotent Origin of Religion
Parenting Parenting Skills Peace People Praying to God
Power of God Prayer Prayer of Thanks Prayers of Prosperity
Pre-mortal Existence Priesthood Prophecy Prophecy Today
Prophets Pupose of Baptism Purpose of Life Redemption
Relative Truth Religion Online Repentance Restoration Church
Resurrection of Jesus Christ Revelation Sabbath Day Satan
Savior Scriptures Sin Son of God
Spirit Daily Spiritual Healing Teaching Children Values Temples
The Good Shepherd The Lord's Prayer The Origin of Man and Universe Tithing
Tithing Scriptures 12 Apostles Ways to Worship God What Happens when we Die?
What is Faith? What is God Like? What is Religion? What is the Church of God?
What is the Holy Ghost? What is the Meaning of Faith? What is Truth? Where do Babies Go when they Die?
Where is God when I Need Him? Why did Satan Get Kicked Out of Heaven? Word of God Words to the Lord's Prayer