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Bible Quiz for Kids

Bible quizzes for kids are a great way for kids to become familiar with the basics of the Bible. Questions and answers to these quizzes are very simple — just for kids! If they are too easy, go back to our Bible Quiz page and choose an appropriate quiz level.

How to Print Quizzes

  1. Select a Bible quiz.
  2. Click "Print this Quiz" on quiz page.
  3. Click "Print" in top left corner.

We're glad you came to this page and tried out our Bible quizzes for kids. The best time to teach children religion is when they are young before they minds are set in the ways of the world. If these quizzes were a little too easy, you may want to try our Bible Quizzes for Youth, or simply go to our page to take a few Bible Quizzes which has quizzes of all levels. For more resources for kids, you might want to try the Bible coloring pages section of the website.