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What is the Church of God?

Jesus taught about the church in the Bible, go to our Bible quiz page to learn more about it.

Many ask daily, "What is the Church of God?" God established his church with Adam, then the prophets of the Bible, and then Jesus Christ brought it back to earth after a period of unbelief. After Jesus died, the apostles were killed and God's church was taken from the earth. In the absence of the church of God, many started asking, "What is the church of God?" and others started their own churches. So...many have asked over the years, is the church of God on the earth today?

The Church of God Had to be Restored Many Times Throughout History

All through history, there were many times when God's church was taken from the earth, and then had to be restored. For example, in the times of Abraham, Moses and Jesus Christ, the church of God was brought back to earth through them, following a period without the church of God.

Is the Church of God on the Earth Today?

Yes, and there is a prophet on the earth to guide us. Like in ancient times (as described above), the church of God had to be brought back or "restored" again in our times. In 1830, the church of God was restored to the earth through a prophet, and there has been a prophet and 12 apostles on the earth since that time.

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