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What is Religion?

Religion helps us Feel More Connected

What is religion? Religion is a set of beliefs and practices that bring people closer to God and feel more connected to others in the world.

Many religions across the world believe in the Bible, go to our Bible quiz page to test your knowledge about it.

What is Religion?—Religion Gives Purpose to Life

Religion helps us understand who we really are. It helps us know where we came from, why we're on earth and where we're going after we die. (Read more on the purpose of life.)

What is Religion?—Knowledge of a Savior

Religion helps us understand that there is a Savior of the world. That means that regardless of what mistakes we've made, if we repent we can return to God. Because of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, we can change our lives and God will forgive us. When we come unto Christ and are baptized, all of our sins or wrongdoings are washed away, and we can start with a clean slate. Because of religion, many have changed their lives for good and made a difference in the world.

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As we explore "What religion is" today, it is important to realize that that are more scriptures than just the Bible. Using the Bible alone, there have been many religions formed with many different types of doctrine or teachings. The New Testament teaches us about the birth of Christ and his teachings in Jerusalem and the old world. However, as evidenced in the legend of Quetzalcoatl, Jesus Christ also visited the ancient inhabitants of Latin America.

This legend was substantiated when gold plates that were found in 1823 in Palmyra New York. They contain the history of ancient prophets in the Americas—and information about their religion. They are the ancient Aztec, Maya and Inca. The plates were translated by a prophet of God and talk about how those native peoples arrived in the Americas—originally, they came from Jerusalem. As mentioned previously, they also talk about how Jesus Christ visited those people after he was crucified in Jerusalem.

One of the last ancient prophets in the Americas was named Mormon. The ancient record is now available for free and in called the Book of Mormon.

Through a prophet, God and Jesus Christ reestablished their church and true religion on the earth again in 1830. As doctrine, it uses teaching from the Bible, Book of Mormon and modern-day prophets.

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Hopefully this article has helped answer your question about what religion is. Please pass it on to anyone you know. Anyone can get a free copy of the ancient record of the inhabitants of America—the Book of Mormon.

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