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What is Redemption?

The Bible teaches about the Atonement of Jesus Christ; Go to our Bible quiz page to learn more about it.

Redemption refers to the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, both in the Garden of Gethsemane and on the cross, so we can be delivered from sin. Because of what Jesus did for us, all who have lived on the earth will be resurrected and live forever in immortal bodies. Many refer to this as being saved. Through the sacrifice or atonement of Jesus Christ (redemption), all who have faith in Him and repent, can live with God forever. This is called eternal life or exaltation—it is more than "salvation" or being "saved".

Changing our Lives through the Redemption of Jesus Christ

Through Jesus Christ, we can experience redemption from our wrong doings. We can repent and change our lives for the better. Just as Jesus had the power to heal people and say "they sins are forgiven thee", the power of our Savior can also touch our lives today to heal us and give us forgiveness from our sins. There are certain weaknesses that we can only overcome through our belief in Jesus Christ and his redemption. Our lives can be changed for the better through Jesus Christ faster than through any other means.

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