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Purpose of Life

What is the Purpose of Life?

Jesus taught about the purpose of life in the Bible, go to our Bible quiz page to learn more about the Bible.

Are we all just here in life to eat, work, sleep, and watch TV? Is the purpose of life to make as much money as we can only to leave it here when we die?

Life has to have a higher purpose than that. Some may think our purpose is to become a concert pianist, an Olympian or professional athlete—which are all very fulfilling endeavors. However, even these successes don't always bring happiness and peace in life.

The true purpose of life is to prepare to meet God. All of us, after this life will stand before God to be judged by how we lived this life. This life is like a test to see if we will do what God wants us to.

How do we Best Fulfill our Purpose in Life?

To prepare to meet God (the purpose of life) there are some important things we must do and become. We must:

  • Repent from our wrongdoings
  • Keep the commandments of God
  • Learn to love God, our neighbors, our families and ourselves
  • Become unselfish, kind, and thankful
  • Learn about and accept Jesus Christ as our Savior

The Scriptures help us learn more about the Purpose of Life

As we read the Bible (the word of God to prophets in the old world), and the Book of Mormon (the word of God to ancient prophets in the Americas), we can feel of the power and Spirit of God, learn more about the purpose of life and gain a stronger desire to live a good life.

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