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People Praying to God

God lives and loves us. He wants us to pray to Him so we can communicate with Him and feel of His love in our lives. Here are some stories about people praying to God.

God teaches these things in the Bible; go to our Bible quiz page to learn more.

Throughout history there are many stories of people praying to God. In the Bible, one of the most well-known stories about prayer is that of Daniel in the Lion's Den.

King Darius respected Daniel and made him one of his leaders. Other leaders, who didn't like Daniel, tricked to king into signing a decree that anyone caught praying during the next 30 days would be cast into a den of lions. These men found Daniel praying and told the king, who was sad that he had signed the decree. Reluctantly, the king put Daniel into the lion's den. The king fasted and prayed all night for Daniel's safety. In the morning, he rushed to the den and, to his relief, found Daniel still alive. Daniel told him that God had sent and angel to shut the mouths of the lions. The king then decreed that all of the people should worship the God of Daniel.

There are many stories in the Bible about people praying to God.

There are also other scriptures that have many stories about people praying to God. In the Book of Mormon, the ancient history of the prophets in the Americas, there is a story about a people who were in bondage (captivity) to another people. This group of people prayed to God and their burdens were lifted. (Mosiah 24:10-21.)

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