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Parenting Skills

Why don't they come with a user manual?

I want to have good parenting skills… but how? All children are born so different. There little spirits come down from heaven with different likes and dislikes, abilities and temperaments. Sometimes it can be frustrating trying to have good parenting skills when children are so different.

On the other hand…

Many of us who are first-time parents may not have any idea where to start in raising our children. We may not have come from a "traditional" family. We may have come from a very dysfunctional family where parenting skills were not modeled or fostered. In fact, from a long-term career social worker named D. Steven Clark, comes the statistic that 95% of children who were abused will carry on the cycle of abuse. If we were raised with negative cycles and/or examples, how can we be among the 5% who break the pattern?

The Answer Starts with Awareness

Once we become aware that we need help, that we want to break a negative cycle we may have grown up with, we then open the door to change and to learning and fostering good parenting skills.

Where can I go for Help?

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has created free DVDs that help foster good parenting skills. Feel free order one below for free and have it hand-delivered to your home.

Many simple truths are taught in the Bible that are important for kids to hear. You can go to our Bible quiz page to learn more.

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