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Origin of Religion

The origin of religion started with the creation of the world when God created Adam and Eve. The first religion started with Adam and was then passed on by the prophets of the Old Testament. Understanding the origin of religion helps us to understand more about God and His plan for us.

Adam and Eve had the old religion before the Bible even began, learn about the fall of Adam and Eve by taking a Bible quiz.

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At the origin of religion, there was one religion—the religion of God. Through the centuries, many people have started their own religions. When Christ came to earth, he took us back to the original true religion—the church of Jesus Christ or church of God. The Bible teaches us that there is "one Lord, one faith, and one baptism" (Ephesians 4:5), not many churches or religions. After the death of Christ and his apostles, many people started their own religions greatly expanding the number of religions on the earth. The original religion, brought back to the earth through Christ, was lost.

Can we ever get back to the Church of God established as the original religion?

In 1830, God and Jesus Christ restored their religion to the earth again. It was the same religion that existed as the original religion. They appeared to a prophet, the same as in ancient times, and established their church again with apostles and prophets.

The church has continued to the present day with apostles and a prophet.

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