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Oldest Religion

The oldest religion on earth began as God taught the first man and women – Adam and Eve – in the Garden of Eden. It is on the earth today. The same religion was taught to their children and posterity. There were many prophets in the religion of God (the oldest religion). Some of them were Noah, Abraham, and Moses.

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After the prophet Malachi (around 430 B.C.), the religion of God (the oldest religion) was taken from the earth. The Pharisees, at the time of Christ, had a religion, but it was impure and had been changed over time. Jesus Christ had to bring back the "oldest religion" (God's religion) to the earth again.

Does the Oldest Religion Still Exist Today?

After the time of Christ, during the time of the apostles, the people began to be wicked and eventually killed all of the apostles. This is the same as what happened after Malachi, when the church of God was taken from the earth. With the death of the apostles, the church of the "oldest religion" was again taken from the earth.

Many other religions then started that were impure and changed over time. Many religions had councils of men to decide what God was really like and what men should believe.

The reformers, men like Martin Luther and John Calvin saw that there were things from the Bible missing in the religions of the day. They and others started a movement to try to get closer to the teachings of the Bible and the "oldest religion". However, the heavens were closed and at that time there was no revelation from heaven nor priesthood or proper authority from God to establish the "oldest religion" again on the earth. This was prophesied in the Bible in Amos 8:11-13 and 2 Thessalonians 2:1-3.

The Oldest Religion was Restored to the Earth Again

In 1830, God and Jesus Christ restored the oldest religion to the earth again as was done in times before. They visited the earth, and called a prophet. Today, there is a prophet and 12 apostles on the earth.

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