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Jesus taught from the Bible. Go to our Bible quiz page to learn more about him.

Jesus is our Savior and Redeemer. He always loves us no matter what we do or what mistakes we've made. We can always turn to Him for help in our lives. In the scriptures, He said, "I came not to judge the world, but to save the world" (John 12:47). His purpose is to help us. Jesus is the Son of God. He came to earth to die for our sins so we could repent and return to God.

One of every three people in the world is a Christian and believes in Jesus. Jesus came to the earth, lived for 33 years and only spent three of those years teaching to the people, yet there has never been an individual who has made such a profound effect on humanity as Jesus—He changed the world. He is more well-known than anyone else in history. Because His message is from God, it rings true in the ears of the humble seekers of the truth.

What Did Jesus Do?

Jesus healed the sick, raised the dead, caused the lame to walk, the deaf to hear and the blind to receive sight. He calmed the troubled sea, fed the masses from a few fish and loaves of bread and cast out evil spirits. But, the pinnacle of all Jesus did was to suffer for our sins in the Garden of Gethsemane, die for us on the cross and was resurrected on the third day.

Because Jesus did that for us, we can repent of our sins and return to God again. Because of His sacrifice, we can have an eternal family—even if family members have already died (see also eternal marriage). To have an eternal family, we have to follow the guidelines Jesus has given us (in other words, keep His commandments).

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