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Jesus, the Good Shepherd

GLearn how Jesus was a good shepherd by taking a Bible quiz about parables he taught.

The Bible makes reference to "Jesus the Good Shepherd" in 2 verses: John 10:11 and 14. Jesus is referred to as a shepherd in 11 verses in the Bible. Some of the most well known verses are in Psalms 23:1 (The Lord is my shepherd), Isaiah 40:11 (He shall feed his flock like a shepherd), Isaiah 53:6 (All we like sheep have gone astray), John 10:14 (I am the good shepherd), and Hebrews 13:20 (Jesus, that great shepherd of the sheep).

A Good Shepherd Guards His Flock

Good shepherds know their sheep by name, and when calling the sheep, they recognize the shepherd's voice. If a wolf or other predatory animal tries to attack the sheep, a shepherd will protect the sheep even to the point of risking his life.

In contrast, a sheepherder is generally someone who simple takes care of the sheep as a job and usually doesn't care about the sheep as deeply as a shepherd.

Comparison to Today

Have we chosen to be in Jesus' flock? Is He our shepherd? When He calls us by his voice (through the scriptures or words of modern-day prophets) do we recognize his voice? Do we follow Him? If we do, he will protect us from the evils of the day. Some ways we can follow Him are attending church, praying morning and night and studying the scriptures daily.

In Alma 5:59-60, we learn about the good shepherd protecting his sheep (click on reference to learn more).

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