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How to Pray

Learning How to Pray

Learning How to Pray is a simple process which opens communication with God into our lives and helps us find peace and the love of God. You can pray anytime, anywhere and in any situation. Learning how to pray can bring hope, peace and a knowledge that God loves you into your life. There are 4 main steps in learning how to pray:

  1. Address God by saying, "Heavenly Father", "Our Father in heaven", "Our Father which art in Heaven", "Dear Heavenly Father", or a similar address.
  2. Thank Him by saying "I/We thank thee for..."; Saying "thee" is a more respectful way to say "you". It is important to thank Him first before we ask Him for things. Imagine being a parent; you're a lot more likely to give things to your children who are thankful. Being thankful is also a key to happiness. Remember to be thankful when you pray.
  3. Ask Him for things you need. We have to be careful with this one. For example, it wouldn't be appropriate to pray and ask God for a million dollars, or to ace a test in school when we didn't study for it. However, it would be entirely appropriate to ask God to help us do well on a test we had studied for or to do well on a business presentation we had prepared for. It is also entirely appropriate to ask him for inspiration and guidance on how to raise our children, or whom to marry or which career to choose. When we pray, we can ask God to help others in need—both physical and/or financial. Then we should do our part to help the poor and needy. We need to be careful not to be selfish when we pray and ask God for things.
  4. End our prayer, "in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen". We always pray to God in the name of Jesus Christ since God is our Father and Jesus is our Savior.
  5. Jesus taught from the Bible, learn more about the Bible by taking a Bible quiz.

Other Important Considerations in Learning How to Pray

If we pray without being sincere (really wanting and being open to God's help), or if we pray for the poor and needy but fail to do anything ourselves to help them, our prayers aren't worth anything—we may as well have not said them.

A wise religious leader of our time said, "Pray as if everything depended on God, then work as if everything depended on us." Thomas S. Monson, President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

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