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There are over 100 versions of the Bible from the varied translations. What exactly is the Bible and which version is correct?

What is the Bible?

The bible is a collection of Hebrew and Christian books that contain revelations from God. It contains two separate parts, the Old Testament, writings from prophets before the birth of Jesus Christ, and the New Testament which consists of writings from the account of the ministry of Jesus as well as prophets and apostles from after the death of Christ.

You can learn more about the Bible and test your knowledge on it by going to our Bible quiz page.

Translations of the Bible

The Bible has been translated over 100 times making over 100 versions. Many translations were attempts to capture the pure meaning found in the original Hebrew manuscript. Other translations were to simplify the language in the Bible while yet others went through changes where some of the writings were changed because of common beliefs of the day.

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Which is Most Correct?

It is difficult to say which Bible is the most correct. However, it is important to know that the Bible is the word of God and will help the reader come closer to God when its teachings are followed. The most widely used version of the Bible is the King James Bible. The basis of the King James version of the bible came from William Tyndale's work. Read more about William Tyndale below:

William Tyndale: Sacrifices in Bringing the Bible to us

Through the years, there have been many who have sacrificed much so we could have the Bible which is the word of God. Perhaps one of the reformers who sacrificed the most was William Tyndale. Tyndale broke the law by translating the Bible so the common people could have and read it. He knew he would probably suffer serious consequences from what he did, but he was not deterred. Eventually, he was burned at the stake in 1536 for translating the Bible. However, his death opened the door for a religious revival that would change the world.

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