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American Family Values

Are You Looking for American Family Values? (Are they still around?)

Although many family values are shifting in America, religion encouraged families to continue to have strong values. However, some religions have gradually changed or shifted their standards and values to accommodate modern trends. American family values come, in a large part, from colonists who sought religious freedom by coming to America to escape religious persecution. With changes in society since that time, our children need strong family values today more than ever to stay strong in the wake of moral challenges of our day.

Many american families believe in the Bible, you can learn more about the Bible by going to our Bible quiz page.

American Family Values: Eat Dinner Together

Studies have proven that children are more well adjusted who eat dinner together regularly with their families. Be sure to take time during family dinners to talk about character traits you think are important in life like: honesty, kindness, service, hard work, and responsibility. Take time to create a list of the most important values you would like to teach your children and take to talk about them during family dinners.

American Family Values: Pray Together

Many have said that a family who prays together is more likely to stay together. Divorce is tearing families apart more than ever which causes anguish and pain. In many cases, this can be devastating to the lives of the children involved. We need to do everything we can to strengthen our families and for husbands and wives to strengthen their marriage. A religious leader, speaking to husbands said, "the best thing you can do for your children is to show them you love their mother."

Do You Want Your Marriage and Family to Continue Eternally or to be "Until Death To You Part"?

If you truly love your spouse and children, it is hard to imagine being without them eternally. Knowledge of how to be together eternally as a marriage and family are being taught and shared with all people on the earth.

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