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We have a very strict policy on the use of contact information that we receive from our visitors. We will not sell or distribute your contact information to anyone outside of the Foundation for the Advancement of Religion Online, with one exception: if you request that an item from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints be delivered to you, we will convey to them the contact information you submitted so they can successfully deliver your order. You will not receive any "spam" or any correspondence of a questionable nature from us or from any organization as a result of filling out a form on our website. We do use the e-mail addresses to send periodic notes regarding updates, or to ensure you received the item you ordered. and other third party vendors may use browser cookies to serve advertisements based on your previous visits to our website and other websites you have visited. This is meant to improve your experience on our website and narrow down appearing advertisements to only those you may be interested in. The information concerning your search history is collected by these third party vendors (not including Religion Resources Online) and does not include your personal contact information. If you do not want Google to access your search information, you can manage your ad preferences by clicking here. To learn more about online behavioral advertising and how it may benefit you, click here.

The Foundation for the Advancement of Religion online is a family oriented company and we will always make sure that any correspondence that you may receive from us is appropriate for any age. If you have any questions about this or any other of our policies, please contact us at: