Learn the principle in this three-minute video and change the ending of your life.

By Dave Clark

The law of the harvest is a powerful principle. If we can learn and apply it in our lives, it will change how we live and how our future will turn out. However, we have to be willing to change and get off the sofa. However, we can start with baby steps - just a little at a time.

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More About this Video:

This inspirational video comes from Tiffany Peterson of The Lighthouse Principles. Tiffany is a keynote speaker in the areas of success, the power of visualization, goal setting, priority management and personal accountability for success.

Tiffany's company, The Lighthouse Principles, helps companies through times of transition, growth and change.

This video was originally published on September 5th, 2012 on YouTube. We sincerely hope you enjoy many more videos to come.