The Amazing Story of a Man with No Arms or Legs...and How He Beat the Odds.

By Dave Clark

This inspirational video makes me thankful for the challenges I have. Nick, with no arms or legs, is an inspiration to all of us. Thanks Nick!

I first heard about Nick Vujicic from my junior high and high school age kids. They showed me a video of Nick a few years ago. Since then, Nick has been an inspiration to me. Talk about a person who had to overcome everything and beat the odds. Nick is amazing.

Video Stats:

YouTube Rating: 98%

# of Views: 18,292 (as of 07/9/14)

# of Ratings: 62 (as of 07/9/14)

Category: Inspirational Videos


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More About this Video:

This video comes from the 700 Club and from the Christian Broadcasting Network. The CBN was founded by Pat Robertson in 1961. This video was originally published on YouTube July 1, 2010.

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