Ready to give up? Don't do it before you watch this video...

By Dave Clark

So many people in life give up on their dreams. They give up on a better life or on the hope of becoming who they think they can become. Don't do it! Live for a better day. Fight for your future.

Why do people give up so easily? A wise person recently told me, "It's easy to be successful, but it's just a little bit easier not to be successful." For example, it may be easy to get a project done at work quickly, but it's just a little easier to let the project drag on all day and spend time at the water cooler catching up with friends at the office. Giving a little more effort or not quitting when you feel like it can make the difference between success and failure. Give it your all in every aspect of life - career, community, world and most

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YouTube Rating: 99%

# of Views: 867,255 (as of 07/22/14)

# of Ratings: 6,333 (as of 07/22/14)

Category: Inspirational Videos


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More About this Video and Eh Eh Films:

This video was published on Youtube on May 9, 2011. It is a viral video (fast growing), however, it is somewhat of a hidden nugget, since it doesn't have over a million views yet. It matches our category of inspirational videos and was produced by EH-EH films in Canada. A favorite word for Canadians is "eh" hence the name "EH-EH Films".

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