Unsung hero saved 669 Jewish children - recognized on TV 50 years later...touching.

By Dave Clark

On the brink of World War II, Sir Nicholas Winston, now 105, organized the rescue of 669 Jewish children and saved them from death by the Nazi regime.

Nicholas Winton is a true hero who never sought fame or glory. Years after his heroic act, his wife found a scrapbook in their attic with names of all the children he had saved nearly 50 years before. It all started in 1938 when he was going on a ski trip to Switzerland. He changed his mind about the trip and decided, instead, to help a friend in Prague with some humanitarian work...and the rest is history. How wonderful it would be if there were more Nicholas Wintons in the world. This video touched my heart. Please send it along to inspire others also to do good.

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More About this Video and Sir Nicholas Winton:

This video was just recently published on Youtube - it is "hot off the press". When I started writing about it, it had 899 views. Just a half an hour later, it had 2,361 views. It originally aired on BBC's That's Life in 1988. To learn more about this story, visit Nicholas Winton on Wikipedia.

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