Want a rich life? Here's the secret. (Hint: it's not about money.)

By Dave Clark

Having a rich life is not about what life give us or throws our way. There's a simple thing we can change and life instantly gets better.

So much in life is determined by how we perceive things. So, here's the big question, if we have a habit of being a pessimist, can we change? First, some people who are pessimists have a hard time admitting they are pessimists. Next, if they admit they are a pessimist, they are stuck for life ...because it's built into who they are. They have a habit of being a pessimist, and they can't change. Right? Actually, change is possible but it takes a lot of work, time, dedication and prayer. God can always change us...if we pray hard enough, work hard enough and if the change is a good thing. I recently read a wonderful book about change called "The Power of Habit". Through it, I learned how we can change. The Book is great and combines hard work and faith in a higher power.

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