Ever been knocked down by life and can't get up? This may surprise you.

By Dave Clark

When you're knocked down it's good to just sit there and wait for someone to pick you back up right? Watch this video for some inspiration on getting back up.

When we're knocked down in life, the most important thing we can do is to get back up. The faster we can get up, the better. However, sometimes we just don't feel like getting back up. If we listen to the voice in our head about "how bad things are", and we start to think about it more and more, things inevitably spiral downward. If we start having negative thoughts, we should replace them as quickly as possible. Sometimes we just need a quick video like this one to displace the negative thoughts and give us enough inspiration to get up and going. Another thing you can do, which may sound crazy...but it works, is to make a list of all the things you are thankful for. It's impossible to be thankful and depressed at the same time. If you dig far enough, there are always things you can be thankful for.

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YouTube Rating: 98%

# of Views: 3,052,025 (as of 07/28/14)

# of Ratings: 20,522 (as of 07/28/14)

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More About this Video:

Interestingly, this inspirational video has 3 million views with very high ratings, however, I would have never guessed that it's supposed to be an advertisement for a company called Limu that doesn't even seem related to the video. Just thought you'd find that interesting.

On another note, Most of our inspirational videos come from Youtube. Kudos to YouTube and those who post so many great things there. Our website has many other inspirational pages like our Bible Quiz page. Enjoy!