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Bible Verse of the Day

Be inspired by today's Bible verse!

About the Bible Verse of the Day Tool

For daily words of peace and wisdom, view the "Bible Verse of the Day" tool. This study tool provides a daily inspirational Bible verse that can send an added measure of strength, comfort, or peace your way. If you want to read more verses, you can click the reference link at the bottom of the tool to read the verse in context or simply browse through the whole Bible using our online Bible study tool. The Holy Bible teaches us eternal truths that transcend the shifting values of today. Remember that there is a Higher Source to which all of us can turn in times of difficulty and challenge. The Bible Verse of the Day tool gives us messages of hope from the Divine. If you had a hard day, are currently experiencing a difficult trial, or just need a little pick-me-up, the verses found in this Bible study tool are sure to help. Amidst a busy lifestyle it is a simple reminder, on a daily basis, of what is truly important in life.

We hope you are inspired by this great resource!

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