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United Church of Christ Beliefs

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Member of the Holy Trinity with Christ and will judge all men.  Is an Eternal Spirit.  There is no dogma concerning any physical nature.
Holy Ghost
The Holy Spirit is “creating and renewing the Church of Jesus Christ, binding in covenant the faithful people of all ages, tongues, and races.”
Holy Trinity
Believe in the Holy Trinity.  The Statement of Faith say: “We believe in God, the Eternal Spirit, Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.”  The Holy Spirit is considered separately.
Believe that Christ died on the cross for us and was resurrected.  Spiritual or physical resurrection is a matter of personal choice, not a matter of doctrine.
Done at time of confirmation and reception into church. Infants presented by parents or sponsor. Usually performed by sprinkling.
Did Christ Organize a Church while on the Earth?
Some may believe, some may not. Every true church is a church of Christ. Christ is the sole head of the United Church of Christ, which is His Church.
Majority of members believe the stories in the Bible should not be taken literally. No scripture has to be taken literally because much of the Bible is figurative.
Probable Future Status Of Non-Believers in Christ
The most important thing is how we live our lives, not what church we belong to.  We are children of God and our status in the future is left up to God.
Pre-Existence of Man
Most do not believe in an existence before birth, but there may be some that do.  This is a matter that is left up to the individual, and is not a matter of concern for the church.

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