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Compare Religions: Probable Future Status of Non-Believers in Christ

Compare the beliefs of various Christian denominations concerning the probable future of non-believers in Christ.

See note below about consistency of beliefs*

Probable Future Status of Non-Believers in Christ


Those who do not believe in nor have faith in Christ, do no accept His gift of life, will be eternally destroyed. There is no probation after death.


Those who reject Christ will be eternally condemned.  As for any possible future opportunity to accept Christ, we do not know of the possibility.


Man will be saved if he does all that he can with what he knows God commands of him.  If he does not he will be condemned.

Christian Scientist

All will have everlasting life and will continue to experience good or bad according to their choices. This is all that is known, all else is only conjecture.

Church of
Jesus Christ
Saints (Mormons)

Jesus Christ, while disembodied, preached to obedient spirits and missionary labor continues there in the spirit world. Every tongue will confess that Jesus is the Christ.

Disciples of Christ

Divine mercy will determine the future status of those who died as non-believers in Christ. Therefore our members are not concerned as to any possible future status of these individuals. God will decide.

Eastern Orthodox

All non-believers in Christ will be condemned.


The intermediate state of continual progression and discipline is to help us to become reconciled to God. This is because God is not willing to lose any.

Jehovah's Witness

Unrepentant sinners, along with the devil and his angels, will just "cease to exist." There is no hell, or place of punishment, because all of these wicked will be destroyed at Armageddon.


There is no Pre-Mortal Existence of Man. Man begins to exist when he is born into this world.


Those who have faith in Christ will be saved, and those that do not believe will suffer condemnation.


Do not know. God will determine such.


It is only speculation that there is any future place for either believers or non-believers in Christ. Belief in life after death or heaven and hell are only speculation.


There is nothing to be saved from as there is no hell, therefore there is no condemnation. Will be saved by our character.

United Church of Christ

The most important thing is how we live our lives, not what church we belong to.  We are children of God and our status in the future is left up to God.

*Because specific teachings and beliefs can vary congregation to congregation, some beliefs above may only be accurate in certain congregations or regions. Only the Catholic Church and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have teachings (doctrine) that come from one central place and remain the same world-wide.

If you are a leader of any of the churches mentioned above and would like to edit any statements made above, please contact us.

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