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Compare Religions: Pre-Mortal Existence of Man

Compare the beliefs of various Christian denominations concerning the pre-mortal existence of man. If you would like to learn about how God created man and womam, visit our Bible quiz page.

See note below about consistency of beliefs*

Pre-Mortal Existence of Man


There is no Pre-Mortal Existence of Man. Man begins to exist when he is born into this world.


Do not believe in the Pre-Mortal Existence of Man. Jesus Christ (God) only had such.  He lived before this life.


Christ, as God, was from all eternity. Do not believe in the Pre-Mortal Existence of Man.

Christian Scientist

Most believe in the Pre-Mortal Existence of Man, meaning that life does not begin at birth.  There are a variety of beliefs within the church concerning this subject.

Church of
Jesus Christ
Saints (Mormons)

Before life, we lived as spirits with God our Heavenly Father.  When we are born, the spirit unites with a body of earthly substance.  The spirit is immortal.

Disciples of Christ

No doctrine concerning the pre-existence of  man.  There is a wide variety of opinion and it is left to the individual to believe what they wish.

Eastern Orthodox

God, meaning the Holy Trinity, only had  pre-existence.  All of us were created on this earth by God (spirit).


God lived before His birth at Bethlehem and is the only one to live before birth. Do not have any knowledge of the Pre-Mortal Existence of Man.

Jehovah's Witness

Christ had what is called a "pre-human" existence as a spirit person, was born a mortal man, and does not have an immortal soul.  Our personal existence begins with our birth.


Do not believe in the Pre-Mortal Existence of Man.


Do not believe in the Pre-Mortal Existence of Man.


No doctrine as such.  Only speculation.


Do not have a majority that feels one way or other about it.  This is left to the individual to interpret for his or her self.  Not generally a matter of discussion in meetings.


There was no Pre-Mortal Existence of Man.  Man began here on this earth.

United Church of Christ

Most do not believe in an existence before birth, but there may be some that do.  This is a matter that is left up to the individual, and is not a matter of concern for the church.

*Because specific teachings and beliefs can vary congregation to congregation, some beliefs above may only be accurate in certain congregations or regions. Only the Catholic Church and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have teachings (doctrine) that come from one central place and remain the same world-wide.

If you are a leader of any of the churches mentioned above and would like to edit any statements made above, please contact us.

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