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Compare Religions: Organization of Christianity

Compare the beliefs of various Christian denominations concerning the need for organized churches. If you would like to learn more about church members go to our Bible quiz page.

See note below about consistency of beliefs*

Organization of Christianity


Christ did not organize a visible church during His ministry. His disciples created the organization. The church has been raised up to give God's special message for today.


Christ did not organize a definite church. He organized his followers to spread the Gospel. And they, in and of themselves, created a church.


Christ organized His church while on earth, and it has existed on the earth to this day and is known at the Roman Catholic Church.  It will not cease to exist.

Church of
Jesus Christ

Christ organized His church during his ministry on earth. He ordained 12 apostles and also other officers. In His church there were apostles, prophets, pastors, teachers, evangelists, bishops, priests and deacons.

Eastern Orthodox

Christ established a church through the apostles. All are members of the church of Christ who have a true conception of Christ in their hearts, and have been properly baptized.


The Christian church was organized by Christ while he lived on earth, and He inspired His apostles to further organize and expand it. Has existed since the time of Christ, and the Episcopal Church is part of it.


Christ did not organize the Christian church during his mortal life. Organization came later in the development of the church.  The Lutheran Church comes closest to the ideal of Christ.


Christ did not organize a temporal church, only in a spiritual sense.


The majority of members do not believe that Christ organized His church while on earth. He appointed apostles and others and taught Christian living. This does not require an organization.


Christ did not organize a church. He did have followers and was a great moral, ethical, spiritual and religious teacher.

Christian Scientist

Most believe that Christ did not organize a physical church. The word of God, as revealed in the Bible, is the textbook.  The most important thing to know is that Christ taught the truth.

Disciples of Christ

Christ did not organize any church while living on earth. The church began at the Day of Pentecost as recorded in the New Testament.  Disciples were followers and believers in Christ, not part of a church organization.

Jehovah's Witness

Witnesses have been around for 6000 years even to this day and are the only true faith.  One must be a member to be saved.  Christ was one in a long line of Witnesses.


Christ had disciples that followed His examples of compassion and concern for others. People should believe in following Jesus rather than believe in a religion about Jesus.

United Church of Christ

Some may believe that Christ organized His church while on earth, and some may not. Every true church is a church of Christ. Christ is the sole head of the United Church of Christ, which is His Church.

*Because specific teachings and beliefs can vary congregation to congregation, some beliefs above may only be accurate in certain congregations or regions. Only the Catholic Church and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have teachings (doctrine) that come from one central place and remain the same world-wide.

If you are a leader of any of the churches mentioned above and would like to edit any statements made above, please contact us.

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