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Compare Religions: Holy Ghost

Compare the beliefs of various Christian denominations concerning the Holy Ghost.

See note below about consistency of beliefs*

Holy Ghost


Third person of Godhead.  The executive of the Godhead and when present is the presence of the Father and The Son.

Assemblies of God

The third member of the Trinity. Adherents are encouraged to seek out baptism through the Holy Spirit, which is characterized by speaking in tongues.


Third person, or attribute of the one, and only one, God. God meaning "spirit."


Third person of the Trinity, proceeding eternally from the Father and The Son as from one principle.  Is equal to the Father and Son in perfection.

Christian Scientist

Is "multiform in office" God the Father-Mother; Christ the spiritual idea of Son-hip; and Divine Science or the Holy Comforter.

Church of God in Christ

As the third member of the Trinity, the Holy Ghost is to be believed in, obeyed, and worshipped along with the Father and the Son. He teaches and guides one into truth.

Church of
Jesus Christ

Third  member of Godhead.  Has attributes of Deity. bears witness of Father and the Son.  He is the minister of the Godhead and executes the will of  the Supreme Council.

Disciples of Christ

Is the Comforter that was  promised in the New Testament.  The function and constitution of the Holy Spirit are not of any concern. It expands the Christian mind.

Eastern Orthodox

A distinct person of the God-spirit substance. The third person of God which proceeds from God, the Father.


One of the tri-characters Of the one God-substance. Proceeds from the Father and The Son.  Known as the Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit.

Jehovah's Witness

The Holy Spirit is not a person as Jehovah God and Jesus Christ are.  The Holy Spirit is God's active force.


Third person of the divine essence. Proceeds from the Father and the Son. Is co-essential and co-eternal.


A spiritual personality which proceeds from the Father and the Son.  Is one with the Father and The Son in substance and Glory. "They are One."


A  spirit, is God Operating as one of God's persons. Functions for the one and only God (Spirit). Is the third person of  the Godhead, one substance.


Source of all religious truth and authority is the Holy Spirit, which makes God accessible to all men.  Do not believe in the Trinity.


Do not believe in the Holy Ghost. Bible references cannot be taken literally.

United Church of Christ

The Holy Spirit is "creating and renewing the Church of Jesus Christ, binding in covenant the faithful people of all ages, tongues, and races."

*Because specific teachings and beliefs can vary from congregation to congregation, some beliefs above may only be accurate in certain congregations or regions. Only the Catholic Church and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have teachings (doctrine) that come from one central place and remain the same world-wide.

If you are a leader of any of the churches mentioned above and would like to edit any statements made above, please contact us.

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