Jesus Heals a Blind Man on the Sabbath

Scripture: John 9:1-41

In this video clip about Jesus, He approached a man who had been blind since birth. Due to the common belief among the Jews at the time, Jesus’ disciples asked Him who had sinned, the man’s parents or the man. Jesus told them that neither had sinned, but the man was born blind so people would see him be healed and believe on Jesus.

Jesus then made some clay out of saliva and put it on the man’s eyes. He then told the man to go wash in the pool of Siloam. When the man washed his eyes, he was healed and received his site. It was one of the great miracles of Jesus. As the man later said, no one had known of a blind person being healed and receiving their site since the beginning of the world.

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The Pharisees (religious leaders of the day who were against Jesus) then questioned the man about his healing - especially since it was done on the Sabbath day and they believed it unlawful to heal on the Sabbath. The man proclaimed Jesus a prophet and did a great job at confusing the Pharisees. At one point the formerly blind man asked the Pharisees if they would also like to be His disciples. From this video, we learn that Jesus had power to heal people. Many today have the priesthood of God and have been healed of their sicknesses and diseases through faith on Jesus Christ.

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