Rise, Take up Thy Bed, and Walk

Scripture: John 5:2-12

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In the city of Jerusalem was a pool of healing waters called Bethesda. This video of Jesus depicts the occasion when Jesus healed a lame man at the pool of Bethesda. It was said, that at certain times an angel would trouble or “stir” the waters of Bethesda and the first person to get into the water after it was troubled would be healed. There were many people with many different maladies (blindness, etc.) around the pool of Bethesda waiting for the waters to be troubled.

As Jesus approached a lame man at the pool (he had been lame for 38 years), He asked him, “wilt thou be made whole?” (John 5:6) The man sorrowfully said that there was nobody to lift him into the water after it was troubled. Jesus said “Rise, take up thy bed and walk”. The man was healed and picked up his bed and walked..

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The leaders of the Jews saw the man carrying his bed and asked him why he was carrying his bed on the Sabbath since it was unlawful. The man told them that the person who had healed him had told him to pick up his bed and walk. This brings up an important point. The Jews of that time had made so many rules about what they could and couldn’t do on the Sabbath Day and in every-day life - all in the name of religion, but all of the rules didn’t actually bring the people any closer to God. In fact, many people were so wrapped up in the rules of the religion that they spent little time thinking about God or giving selfless service to others. The lesson for us is that we shouldn’t be so wrapped up in doing things to try to look good to others that we forget to think about God and Jesus Christ. On the contrary, we should think about them often. Some ways we can do that are, watching the videos about Christ on this website frequently, studying the Holy Scriptures, following His example and serving others. Those things can bring us the prized possession of peace in this life.

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