Jesus is the Bread of Life

Scripture: John 6:25-71

This is one of the longer videos about Jesus. Recently after Jesus performed the miracle of the loaves and the fishes, a man approached Him and asked when He had arrived in that city. Jesus then revealed the man’s true intentions - that he had tried to find Him not because of the Jesus’ miracles but because He had given him and the multitude food that filled their bellies. In other words, they were following Him because he gave them free food.

Then, Jesus taught the people about the manna from heaven that Moses and his people received in the wilderness. It was a type of bread given to the children of Israel daily to sustain their physical bodies. One of the reasons it was given to them from God was to remind them of Jesus, who now proclaimed Himself the true bread of life. And if we eat of that bread, we will never hunger, and if we believe in Him, we shall never thirst. Many people heard Jesus speak those words and then left and didn’t follow Him further. When Jesus talked about eating the bread of life, He referred to the sacrament that we can take each week at church that reminds us of Him. (See more below.)

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Now, let’s learn a little more about the Sacrament. One of the principle reasons for the sacrament is to remind us of Jesus. Some religions call it “The Lord’s Supper” or “communion”. It consists of bread and wine or water. As we partake of the bread each week, it reminds us of Jesus’ body, that He lived for us and that He died for us. The wine or water reminds us of the blood He spilt for us through His great sacrifice which enables us to repent and return to live with God again after this life. An important part of the sacrament is remembering Jesus and what He did for us. Perhaps even more important is to continue to remember Jesus during the rest of the week and not just on Sunday at church when we partake of the emblems of His body and His blood.

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