Jesus Brings the Daughter of Jairus Back From the Dead

Scripture: Mark 5:22-24 35-43

Jesus performed many miracles especially when the people had faith. One of the greatest miracles Jesus performed was to bring people back people from the dead. This is the story of when Jesus brought the daughter of Jairus back to life.

As Jesus was walking through a city, He was approached by Jairus who was a ruler of the synagogue. Jairus plead with Jesus to come to his house and lay his hands on his daughter and heal her since she was at the point of death. Since this video is short, there are a few details that are left off - that you may be interested in. For example, when the man was talking to Jesus, someone came from his house and told him that his daughter had died and not to trouble Jesus any more. Jesus then comforted Jairus and said, “be not afraid only believe” (Mark 5:36). You can also test your knowledge on the New Testament stories and many other topics by going to our Bible Quiz page.

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Jesus then went with the man to his home and many people were with Him including a few of His apostles - Peter, James and John. Many people at Jairus’ home were weeping and mourning the loss of his daughter who was only twelve years old (Mark 5:42). Jesus then asked them why they were weeping and went on to said, “the damsel is not dead but sleepeth”. After He said that, the people laughed and made fun of him, because they knew that she was dead. Jesus then took the girl by the hand and said, “Talitha cumi” which, being interpreted was, “Damsel, I say unto you, arise” (Mark 5:41). As soon as she was raised from the dead, He, knowing her physical condition, told them to get her something to eat. Healing still happens in today’s world and is always accompanied by faith. However, God may sometimes choose to heal us and other times He may let us struggle that we may develop patience. In the resurrection, we will all be healed of any diseases or sicknesses we had in this life.

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