Jesus Cleanses the Temple

Scripture: John 2:13-17

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During the Passover Feast, Jesus went to Jerusalem. There, at the temple, he found moneychangers and merchants who sold sheep, oxen and doves among other things. This was His Father’s house - a house of worship. Imagine how He must have felt as he saw a sacred edifice being used for such a worldly purpose.

He then patiently took the time to braid a whip (in those days called a scourge) out of small cords. Afterward, he drove the moneychangers and the merchants from the temple and said, “make not my Father’s house an house of merchandise”. The temple was then cleansed and ready for a higher purpose.

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From this video about Jesus, we learn about the patience of Jesus. He was clearly upset at the way his Father’s house was being desecrated, however, he took the time to slowly braid a whip to cleanse His Father’s house. We also learn about the importance and sanctity of houses of worship - of Churches and temples. A temple really is a house of God and we should go there frequently to worship God and Jesus Christ.

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By Dave Clark