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Receive 5 videos a week by email that follow the life of Jesus chronologically from the story of Mary and Joseph and the nativity (on Christmas Day) through His ministry to His resurrection (on Easter day). The video about His betrayal will be emailed the Thursday before Easter, His crucifixion on Good Friday and His resurrection, as mentioned before, on Easter. You will also follow the lives of the apostles through the end of April.

Sign Up by December 19th Receive All 92 Videos! If you sign up by the 19th, you will receive all videos in chronological order from a few days before Christmas to a few weeks after Easter. The final video, which includes the lives of the Apostles after the resurrection of Jesus, will be sent on April 28th.

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More About the Videos You Will Receive:

Thanks for coming to this site to watch videos of our Savior. The creators of this website, the Foundation for the Advancement of Religion Online (FARO), hope these videos help you gain stronger faith in Jesus Christ. These videos sent by email are our Christmas Gift to you. The videos themselves were created by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints as a gift to the world. We have embedded them from YouTube with an added a twist. We let you sign up and get a video 5 days a week by email. The videos were posted on YouTube between 2011 and 2015.

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