The Widow's Mite

Scripture: Mark 12:41-44

In this video clip of Jesus, we learn about the Widow’s Mite. This is a meaningful story with a great moral. Here’s what happened. As Jesus sat by the treasury, there were many people who cast money into the treasury. We can only suppose that the money given in the treasury was used to help the church or the poor. Regardless, there were many rich who were putting large sums of money into the treasury. Then, a poor widow put in just two mites, which was a very small amount of money, put them into the treasury to do her part in building the kingdom of God.

Jesus gathered His disciples and told them that the poor widow had put in more than all of those who had put money in, because the rich put in of their excess (or, as we might say nowadays, their pocket change), however, the widow generously put in all that she had. She may have even gone without, so she could give.

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What Do We Learn from the Widow’s Mite?

First, we can think of the first and great commandment - to “love the Lord thy God with all thine heart”. When we give tithing or offerings to our church, we are giving to help the kingdom of God to grow and we are also giving to help the poor. When we give, do we give generously? Do we ever choose to go without a few things, so we can give to the poor? Next, we should remember the second commandment “love thy neighbor as thyself”. How often do we give money to help others. Also, if we do give money to help others, do we give “so that we may be seen of men” (Matthew 5:5). In other words, do we give so others will see how amazing we are? If so, as Jesus says, we have our reward (Matthew 6:5). Or, do we give because we love others and truly want to help them? Here are some ideas of how to give anonymously so as to receive a reward from God. One way is to get a cashier’s check or cash and leave the money on your neighbor’s doorstep. You can also try to give service anonymously. Sometimes to serve others, you have to be seen. The key question is, do you do it so others will think you are amazing, or do you do it because you truly love those you serve? These are the questions that God looks at as we serve.

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