The Road to Emmaus

Scripture: Luke 24:13-33

This video about Jesus depicts the scene on the Road to Emmaus. After Jesus died and was resurrected, He appeared to two men walking on the road to Emmaus. One was Jesus’ uncle named Cleopas. As they were walking, their eyes were restrained and they didn’t realize that it was Jesus. At first, when Jesus had encountered them, they were very concerned. Jesus asked them what they were concerned about, and they asked Him if He was a stranger to Jerusalem and hadn’t heard about Jesus and His death and burial.

Then, Jesus began to explain the scriptures unto them and the prophecies from Moses and other prophets about Himself. Then, when it was getting late, Jesus gave the impression that he was going to take a different road and depart from them. However, they said, “abide with us ‘tis eventide". (There is a Christian hymn written about that line - “Abide With Me, ‘Tis Eventide”.) Jesus then went with them into the city and sat with them to eat and broke bread and blessed it. After blessing the bread, they realized it was Jesus, and He vanished from their site.

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More Analysis of this Video of Jesus:

Imagine if you or I were walking and Jesus came and walked with us. What a wonderful experience that would be. It is important to think about Jesus often and to have faith in Him. If we imagine Him near us during difficult situations, it can help us make righteous decisions that will bless our lives and guide us back to His presence after this life. It is also important to recognize the feeling the two men had as they walked with Him. They said, “did not our heart burn within us?” At times when we study the scriptures or attend church, pray or serve others, we may have a good feeling - our heart may burn within us. When we have those type of feelings, we know that they come from the Holy Ghost which testifies to our heart that the things we’ve heard or seen are true.

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