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Christian Movies

Want free Christian movies online? Well, we've got them! Browse through our list of the top best Christian movies on YouTube, watch movies that depict your favorite Bible stories, or learn the gospel by watching movies your whole family will love. This is the best resource for free Christian Movies you will find online! If you want to learn about the gospel another way, check out our Bible quiz page.

Christian Movie Reviews—The 10 Best Christian Movies on the Web!

Below is a list of the best free Christian movies you can find on YouTube and other sources online. Here are the top ten in our collection:

  • Happiness is helping others Rating: 97.3% thumbs up (113 reviews)
  • The Nativity Story Rating: 96.6% thumbs up (3,744 reviews)
  • The Life of Jesus Christ—Sermon on the Mount, Beatutitudes Rating: 96.4% thumbs up (28 reviews)
  • The Acts of the Apostles Rating: 96.0% thumbs up (3,159 reviews)
  • Samuel the Prophet Rating: 95.6% thumbs up (408 reviews)
  • God is faithful Rating: 95.2% thumbs up (564 reviews)
  • Charity Never Faileth Rating: 94.7% thumbs up (639 reviews)
  • He Is Risen Rating: 94.2% thumbs up (69 reviews)
  • The Last Supper Rating: 93.5% thumbs up (5,257 reviews)
  • Jesus is Baptized by John Rating: 92.9% thumbs up (790 reviews)

  • Bible Movies

    The Bible is the religious text common to all denominations in the Christian religion. It is filled with exciting stories that teach you how to live a good life and be happy. One great way to study the gospel is to watch these free movies about Bible stories!

    The Nativity
    Watch this depiction of the glorious night of Christ's birth.
    Young Jesus Teaches in the Temple
    Watch this movie about Jesus when he was younger, teaching in his fathers house
    Sermon on the Mount: The Beatitudes
    Jesus teaches the multitude about the Beatitudes
    The Last Supper
    The Last Supper is an important event recorded in the Bible. Watch it now!
    He Is Risen
    Jesus died for the sins of mankind, but now He lives again!
    Charity Never Faileth
    Paul speaks about charity and that it is the pure love of Christ. Charity never faileth.
    The Acts of the Apostles
    This movie shows what happened to Christ's church after He died.
    Jesus is Baptized by John
    What happened when Jesus was baptized? Watch this movie to find out!

    Christian Movies for Families

    Studying the gospel is for everyone! These Christian movies are good for study for every member of your family—adults, youth, and kids alike! These free movies are entertaining and easy to understand and make very good teaching tools.

    Stories From The Bible—Moses
    Moses helped his people get free from slavery in Egypt. Watch this movie to find out how!

    The Story of Reyna Aburto
    Reyna Aburto was 9 when a terrifying earthquake hit Nicaragua, it was a very hard time for her. She was touched by service from those around her.
    God is faithful
    Learn about how God has a plan for us, and is faithful.

    Animated Bible Story of Saul
    You may be stong, but the lord cares about your spiritual wellness.

    The Ten Commandments—
    Bible Animated Movie
    Watch the animated version of the ten commandments
    Bible Stories—
    Samuel the Prophet
    Watch this video about Samuel the Boy Prophet
    Honesty Is Priceless
    Honesty is the best policy, and leads to blessings.
    Happiness is helping others
    Doing service will bless others more than you know.

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