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Women of the Bible Trivia - Page 5

You've reached the last page of women of the Bible trivia. Do you remember who the mother of John the Baptist was? If not, see the answer below. Since you'll be finished with the section soon, we recommend the more general Bible trivia section or even the entertaining Bible trivia game next. If you'd like, you can take a Bible Quiz relating to women: There is Women in the Old Testament Bible Quiz or Women of the Bible Quiz. Thanks for joining us! If you like this trivia section, be sure and tell friends with the social media links above.

Who was the mother of John the Baptist?

  1. Basemeth
  2. Azubah
  3. Dorcas
  4. Elisabeth

Correct Answer: d. Elisabeth

Who did Jesus ask John to treat like his mother as He hung on the cross?

  1. Mary Magdalene
  2. Mary the mother of Jesus
  3. Susanna
  4. Sapphira

Correct Answer: b. Mary the mother of Jesus

Who married Jacob after he married her sister Leah?

  1. Rahab
  2. Reumah
  3. Rachel
  4. Rhoda

Correct Answer: c. Rachel

Who helped Hebrew spies to conquer Jericho?

  1. Shelomit
  2. Naarah
  3. Rahab
  4. Tamar

Correct Answer: c. Rahab

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