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Easter Bible Trivia - Page 5

You've reached the end of the Easter Bible Trivia section. Did you learn anything new? If you'd like, now you can take an Easter Bible Quiz. If you're in a holiday mood, you can try some Christmas Bible Trivia. However, if you want to visit our most popular Bible Trivia page, take a look at Women of the Bible Trivia. Be sure to check out our Bible Quiz page.

Which of these things did Jesus NOT say to Mary? (John 20:16-17)

  1. "Touch me not"
  2. "Mary"
  3. "Blessed art thou among women"
  4. "Go to my brethren"

Correct Answer: c. "Blessed art thou among women"

How many pieces of silver were given to Jesus' betrayer as a reward for betraying him?

  1. 50
  2. 30
  3. 60
  4. 100

Correct Answer: b. 30

Which of the Apostles doubted and did not believe that Jesus was risen? (John 20:24)

  1. Andrew
  2. John the Beloved
  3. Simon Peter
  4. Thomas

Correct Answer: d. Thomas

How did Jesus' betrayer identify him to the soldiers?

  1. He kissed him
  2. He pointed to him
  3. He used a code word
  4. He gave him a piece of rope

Correct Answer: a. He kissed him