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Easter Bible Trivia - Page 3

With the Easter Bible Trivia on this page, you will learn about who came to visit the empty tomb and how the object in front of the tomb door moved. If you'd like, you could take an Easter Bible Quiz with similar questions to see how you do. You could also try our Christmas Bible Trivia or Women of the Bible Trivia pages (these are the most popular Bible Trivia pages). Be sure to check out our Bible Quiz page.

What moved the object in front of the tomb door? (Matthew 28:2)

  1. the earthquake
  2. the object moved itself
  3. the 12 Apostles
  4. an angel

Correct Answer: d. an angel

Who did not see the empty tomb? (John 20:1-3)

  1. Joseph
  2. Mary Magdalene
  3. Peter
  4. John the Beloved

Correct Answer: a. Joseph

What did the writing above Jesus' cross say?

  1. "Death for Blasphemy"
  2. "The Master Teacher"
  3. "King of the Jews"
  4. "The Carpenter's Cross"

Correct Answer: c. "King of the Jews"

What was found in the tomb? (John 20:6-7)

  1. a growing lily
  2. a vase full of water
  3. Jesus' burial clothes
  4. a sparrow

Correct Answer: c. Jesus' burial clothes