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Christmas Bible Trivia - Page 7

This Christmas Bible trivia page talks about the wise men and the flight of Mary and Joseph out of the country. Visit the Easter Bible Trivia page to learn more about Jesus' resurrection. Another popular page of our site is the Women of the Bible Trivia page. Be sure to check out our Bible Quiz page.

When you finish this Bible trivia, you can take the corresponding
Christmas Bible Quiz and test your knowledge of Christmas.

What was Jesus' approximate age when the wise men presented Him with gifts? (Matthew 2:16)

  1. 6 years old
  2. 10 years old
  3. 12 years old
  4. less than 2 years old

Correct Answer: d. less than 2 years old

Why did Jesus' family flee Bethlehem? (Matthew 2:13)

  1. Joseph was warned by an angel in a dream
  2. They couldn't pay all of their taxes
  3. The Gentiles hated Joseph
  4. God would destroy it

Correct Answer: a. Joseph was warned by an angel in a dream

How did the wise men find Jesus?

  1. they followed a compass they received from an angel
  2. they followed a star
  3. they asked the shepherds where he was
  4. they asked the king

Correct Answer: b. they followed a star

To where did Jesus' family flee from Bethlehem? (Matthew 2:12-15)

  1. Egypt
  2. Samaria
  3. Greece
  4. Nazareth

Correct Answer: a. Egypt