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Christmas Bible Trivia - Page 6

Have fun learning about Christmas Bible trivia! Easter Bible Trivia is our second most popular holiday Bible trivia page. Our most popular Bible trivia page is Women of the Bible Trivia — enjoy! Be sure to try our Bible Quizzes.

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Where was baby Jesus born?

  1. in an inn
  2. in a stable
  3. in a palace
  4. in the market

Correct Answer: b. in a stable

What guided the wise men to find Jesus? (Matthew 2:9)

  1. A star
  2. Their dreams
  3. A dove
  4. An angel

Correct Answer: a. A star

What gift did the wise men NOT give Jesus? (Matthew 2:11)

  1. Gold
  2. Frankincense
  3. Silver
  4. Myrrh

Correct Answer: c. Silver

Who wanted baby Jesus dead?

  1. Joseph
  2. King Herod
  3. Julius Caesar
  4. Jezebel

Correct Answer: b. King Herod