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Christmas Bible Trivia - Page 3

After mastering the Christmas Bible trivia page, we recommend visiting the Easter Bible Trivia page or maybe even the Women of the Bible Trivia page. Be sure to check out our Bible Quiz page.

After studying this Bible trivia page, take a related
Christmas Bible Quiz to measure your understanding and progress.

Why did Joseph have second thoughts about marrying Mary?

  1. She was pregnant
  2. She was too young
  3. She wasn't very pretty
  4. She wanted to marry someone else

Correct Answer: a. She was pregnant

After Jesus was born, where did Mary lay Him? (Luke 2:7)

  1. In a pile of hay
  2. She held him
  3. In a feeding troth
  4. On the ground

Correct Answer: c. In a feeding troth

What was the shepherds' initial reaction to the angel who visited them? (Luke 2:9)

  1. They were angry
  2. They were excited
  3. They were afraid
  4. They were upset

Correct Answer: c. They were afraid

What brought Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem?

  1. They had to pay taxes there
  2. They had a family reunion there
  3. They attended a wedding there
  4. They got married there

Correct Answer: a. They had to pay taxes there