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Bible Trivia Questions: Who's Who in the Bible?

Page 6

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Who was red and hairy when he was born?

  1. Cain
  2. Enoch
  3. Job
  4. Esau

Correct Answer: d. Esau

According to biblical record, who was the oldest person to live in Old Testament times?

  1. Perez
  2. Methuselah
  3. Enoch
  4. Enos

Correct Answer: b. Methuselah

Which of these was NOT the son of Noah?

  1. Shem
  2. Ham
  3. Kenan
  4. Japheth

Correct Answer: c. Kenan

Who is well-known for writing many poetic prophecies concerning the coming of the Messiah?

  1. Moses
  2. Isaiah
  3. Noah
  4. Aaron

Correct Answer: b. Isaiah

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