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Bible Trivia Questions: Who's Who in the Bible?

Page 2

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  Who parted the Red Sea?   

  1. Noah
  2. Ezekiel
  3. David
  4. Moses

Correct Answer: d. Moses (by the power of God)

Who committed adultery with Bathsheba?

  1. Shadrach
  2. Hosea
  3. Job
  4. David

Correct Answer: d. David

Who was thrown into a den of lions and came out unharmed?

  1. Jacob
  2. Daniel
  3. Esther
  4. Micah

Correct Answer: b. Daniel

Who does not have a book of the Old Testament named after them?

  1. Obadiah
  2. Abraham
  3. Zepheniah
  4. Haggai

Correct Answer: b. Abraham

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