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Bible Trivia Questions: Random New Testament

So you think you know the New Testament? Find out exactly how well with our New Testament trivia! Or, try our other Bible trivia questions to study more topics!

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"And Jesus increased in wisdom and __________, and in favour with God and man." (Luke 2:52)

  1. popularity
  2. speed
  3. stature
  4. knowledge

Correct Answer: c. stature

When did Jesus give the Beatitudes? (Matthew 5:1)

  1. as He instituted the sacrament
  2. while hanging on the cross
  3. following His resurrection
  4. in the Sermon on the Mount

Correct Answer: d. in the Sermon on the Mount

"Ye are the __________ of the earth...." (Matthew 5:13)

  1. dust
  2. mountains
  3. salt
  4. waters

Correct Answer: c. salt

"Blessed are the poor in spirit: for _______________." (Matthew 5:3)

  1. they shall find riches
  2. theirs is the glory of God
  3. theirs is the kingdom of heaven
  4. they shall find joy

Correct Answer: c. theirs is the kingdom of heaven

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