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Bible Trivia Questions: Biblical Names, Words, and Places

Page 7

Try this Bible trivia in the form of an interactive Bible Quiz: Biblical Names (A-E), Biblical Names (G-M), Biblical Names (N-Z)

What is the meaning of the name Hannah?

  1. charity
  2. grace
  3. mercy
  4. compassion

Correct Answer: b. grace

What is the meaning of the name Benjamin?

  1. son of misery
  2. son of the right hand
  3. keeper of the faith
  4. born in the days of my sorrow

Correct Answer: b. son of the right hand

What is the meaning of the name Pharaoh?

  1. mightiest of all
  2. large river
  3. nearest to the gods
  4. great house

Correct Answer: d. great house

What is the meaning of the word hosanna?

  1. God will be glorified
  2. praise to the Lord
  3. God is love
  4. save now

Correct Answer: d. save now

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