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Bible Trivia Questions: Biblical Names, Words, and Places

Page 3

Test Your Knowledge of These Trivia Pages with a Bible Quiz:
Biblical Names (A-E), Biblical Names (G-M), Biblical Names (N-Z)

What is the meaning of the name Naphtali?

  1. advances
  2. increases
  3. wrestlings
  4. sorrows

Correct Answer: c. wrestlings

What is the meaning of the name Gideon?

  1. I will remember the Lord
  2. I will deliver
  3. hewer down
  4. the great harvester

Correct Answer: c. hewer down

What is the meaning of the name Amos?

  1. burden
  2. servant of the King
  3. contempt
  4. despair

Correct Answer: a. burden

What is the meaning of the name Nathan?

  1. He is wise
  2. He has answered
  3. He has given
  4. He has fled

Correct Answer: c. He has given

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