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Bible Trivia Questions: Biblical Names, Words, and Places

Page 23

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What is the meaning of the name Esau?

  1. hairy
  2. father of the desert
  3. red
  4. God is strength

Correct Answer: a. hairy

What is the meaning of the name Michael?

  1. who walks with God
  2. who follows God
  3. who is like God
  4. who speaks with God

Correct Answer: c. who is like God

What is the meaning of the name Zephaniah?

  1. the Lord listens
  2. the Lord hides
  3. the Lord cries
  4. the Lord waits

Correct Answer: b. the Lord hides

What is the EGYPTIAN meaning of the name Moses?

  1. to find a treasure
  2. to beget a child
  3. to rear a leader
  4. to build a stronghold

Correct Answer: b. to beget a child