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Bible Trivia Questions: Biblical Names, Words, and Places

Page 2

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What is the meaning of the name Abraham?

  1. father of a multitude
  2. God is my glory
  3. wanderer
  4. great patriarch

Correct Answer: a. father of a multitude

What is the meaning of the name Naomi?

  1. blessed
  2. benevolent
  3. adored
  4. pleasant

Correct Answer: d. pleasant

What is the meaning of the word gentiles?

  1. many waters
  2. the spreading peoples
  3. pagans
  4. the nations

Correct Answer: d. the nations

What is the meaning of the name Abram?

  1. father of a great people
  2. exalted father
  3. keeper of the covenant
  4. God is good

Correct Answer: b. exalted father

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